• Title insurance for residential and commercial lenders and owners
  • Chattel title insurance
  • Mortgage processing, escrow and administration
  • Default and mortgage enhancement services
  • Valuation, conveyancing and other related property services

Our division's professionals can assist in title services, property refinancing and acquisition transactions around the world. Our title insurance product for both residential and commercial properties is offered as a policy designed specifically for a particular country where we have direct operations, or through our international title insurance policies, where direct operations do not exist.

Ken DeGiorgio
International Division

Email: kdegiorgio@firstam.com
Phone: +1 714 250 3398

Laurie Grushen
Vice President
Claims Management

Email: lgrushen@firstam.com
Phone: +1 714-250-3421

Mike Calder
Senior Vice President
Director of International Underwriting

Email: jcalder@firstam.com
Phone: +1 714 250 8601

Susan Leslie
Vice President
Legal, Risk and Compliance

Email: sleslie@fct.ca
Phone: +1 905 287 3322

Tanya Ceperley
Senior Vice President

Email: tceperley@firstam.com
Phone: +1 714 250 4437

Marc Zwolinski
Chief Financial Officer
Email: mzwolinski@firstam.com
Phone: +1 714 250 7848

Office Contacts

Australia & New Zealand

Patti Eyers
Chief Executive Officer
First Mortgage Services Pty Ltd

Email: Patti.Eyers@au.firstms.com
Phone: +61 2 8037 7423
Website: www.firstms.com


Michael LeBlanc
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
First Canadian Title Company Ltd

Email: mleblanc@fct.ca
Phone: +1 905 287 1000
Website: www.firstcanadiantitle.com


Amy Li
First Title Real Estate
Guaranty Company Ltd.

Email: ali@firstam.com
Phone: +86 10 5908 5188
Website: www.zhongyian.com

Hong Kong & South East Asia

Philip Walden
First American Title Insurance
Hong Kong Branch

Email: pwalden@firstam.com
Phone: +60 3 2297 3650
Website: www.firstam.com.hk

South Korea

Stephen Choe
Managing Director
First American Title Insurance Company
Korea Branch

Email: schoe@firstam.com
Phone: +82 2 3144 2460
Website: www.firstam.co.kr

UK & Europe

John Maidens
Chief Executive Officer
First Title Insurance PLC
Chief Financial Officer
First Title Group

Email: jmaidens@firsttitle.eu
Phone: +44 207 160 8133
Website: www.firsttitle.eu

Ian Turner
Chief Executive Officer, Property Services
First Title

Email: iturner@firsttitle.eu
Phone: +44 207 160 8586
Website: www.firsttitle.eu